Son of India Review

Son of India Review

What’s Behind

Collection King Mohan Babu after a long time is coming to entertain movie lovers by doing a lead role in an action entertainer Son of India. The film directed by Diamond Ratna Babu is releasing on February 18. Let us see what Mohan Babu offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

NIA team led by Aiara (Pragya Jaiswal) along with (Prithvi) starts investigating the mysterious missing of Union Minister Mahendra Bhupati (Srikanth) at Talakona. With media personnel (Sunil, Ali, Vennela Kishore) exposing the inefficiency of the team in finding out the culprit as it results in the missing of a renowned doctor Pratibha Lasya and Endowments Department Chairman Bhagavan Prasad (Raja Ravindra), Home Minister (Tanikella Bharani), blasts them further.

Their investigation leads to a suspect named Kadiyam Babji (Mohan Babu). Further investigation results in the unraveling of the mystery of Virpupaksha (Mohan Babu) in Sri Kala Hasti. To find out more about it, Viroopaksha’s wife Dakshayani (Meena) and the connection between MLA (Posani Krishna Murali) , watch Son of India on the silver screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Diamond Ratna Babu tried to elevate the heroism of Mohan Babu and he concentrated only on doing so. In the process, he completely ignored the story, screenplay, and direction. He tried to do this with a never seen before introduction song. Though the lyrics of the song are good, the graphics used for the song looked substandard and amateurish. Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s voice-over generated interest but right from the beginning with a weak story and narration, there lacked the required intensity.

The first half ends in a painful manner with silly scenes, listless narration, and much to the shock of all, increased vulgarity and usage of double meaning dialogues by Mohan Babu. The story hits the flashback mode in the second half and the routine scenes and outdated plot, predictable stuff gives immense torture to the viewers. There is not a single scene that generates interest among movie lovers. Diamond Ratna Babu failed to make use of the star cast available to him and he concentrated only on Mohan Babu.

Mohan Babu performed well and he did justice to the role given to him. However, he should have refused the vulgarity and double-meaning dialogues given to him. Few dialogues regarding caste etc, looked as if, the director has taken inspiration from NTR’s blockbuster film Daana Veera Soora Karna. None of the other actors got screen presence. Meena played the role of his wife Dakshayani. She got a couple of scenes. Pragya Jaiswal played an important role but much to the shock of all, her face is not shown for the entire film except for a few minutes. Posani Krishna Murali got a good screen presence but he got nothing to do except ogle at a woman. Srikanth too was reduced to a caricature. Sunil, Ali, Bandla Ganesh, and Vennela Kishore acted as media personnel. None of them failed to make an impact.

Ilayaraja’s music failed to make any impact. Ilayaraja is known for melodious tunes. But he failed to live up to his expectations. The background score is ok. The cinematography of Sarvesh Murari is substandard. The editing of Gautham Raju failed to make an impact. Had he worked, there wouldn’t be any film. Production values are below average.



Mohan Babu to some extent



Story, Screenplay, Direction

Rating Analysis

Mohan Babu after many years starred in Son of India. The powerful title and Mohan Babu’s looks in the trailer increased interest. However Diamond Ratna Babu came with a substandard and silly story and spineless screenplay, shocking direction, and worthless narration turned the film into a disaster. The film lacked the soul and it seems the team took the film just for the heck of it without putting in their heart. Considering all these points, Kaagada goes with a 1.5 rating for Son of India.

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