Virgin Story Review

Virgin Story Review

What’s Behind

Vikram Sahidev who made his debut as an antagonist with Rowdy Boys is making his debut as the lead actor in Virgin Story. The film is releasing on February 18,2022. Let us see how Vikram Sahidev entertained movie lovers with Virgin Story.

Story Review

Seeing Priyanshi (Sowmika Pandiyan) unable to overcome the heartbreak with her boyfriend Sahil (Harish Kumar), her friend Minty (Rishika Khanna) suggests her to shelve all inhibitons and go on a one night stand. She selects Vikram (Vikram Sahidev) as the suitable person, and Vikram too decides to reciprocate her. To findout where this leads to and the connection with Inspector (RK Mama),SI (Jeeva), Amrinder Singh(Vineeth Bhavishetty), Lizzy (Snehal Kamath),enjoy Virgin Story on screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Pradip Atluri tried to entertain movie lovers touching the concept of one night stand and dealing with the emotions and experiences of a couple who try to have sex on one night. Though the idea is novel, he failed in his execution. He tried to generate fun with the scenes involving the lead pair searching for a location to complete their task in the entire first half but failed to evoke any laughter. The second half continues in the same vein and the climax end on a dull note with no real twists and turns and the entire film is left with no emotions just as the heroine’s dialogue. Had the makers worked on the screenplay and direction and included powerful emotional and hilarious scenes, it would have made an impact. The entire story is filled with silly scenes and silly narrations with numerous characters entering in and out.

Vikram Sahidev performed well in his role. He showcased subtle expressions and came with good emotions. He did not overact and did well to stay calm in various scenes. Sowmika Pandiyan is ok in her role. There are many other actors like Rishika Khanna, Vineeth Bhavisetty, Snehal Kamath, Anand Thakur,Jayashri Rachakonda, Abhijit Deshpande,Raghukumar Karumanchi,Jeeva, Rocket Raghava, Thagubothu Ramesh,Jabardasth Apparao,HarishKumar, Bhadram, RK.Mama, Jabardasth Tanmay,Aditya Varma, but none of them made an impression.

Achu Ramani came with good youthful tunes to attract the listeners to some extent but over all music is not up to the mark. The songs are well shot and well choreographed. Background music is in sync with the story. Anish Tharun Kumar’s cinematography is good. Editing of Garry could have been better as there are scenes that solwed the pace of the film. Production values are good.



Vikram Sahidev to some extent


Screenplay, Direction

Missing Emotions


Rating Analysis

Vikram Sahidev tried to make an impact with Virgin Story. Director Pradip Atluri drew inspiration from many of the shows coming on OTTs and tried to come with one using his creativity but he failed miserably. Weak story, missing emotions, failed screenplay and direction spoilted the party for Virgin Story. Taking into consideration all these points, Kaagada goes with a 1.5 rating for Virgin Story.

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